“There Needs To Be A Serious Look Into That Separation, England Have Quite A Considerable Difference Between Their Red-Ball And White-Ball Squad”

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 has concluded. England rose from the ashes of their shocking defeat at the hands of Ireland to establish overall white-ball cricket supremacy.

The recent success of the Jos Buttler-led team in white-ball cricket has created a debate about potential experiments in cricket. This discussion is about the completely different selection of teams in white-ball and red-ball cricket.

After winning the ODI World Cup in 2019, England have now won the T20 World Cup. The fact that the teams are kept completely separate from the Test team is a major reason for England’s success in this format. There are only a few players who play in all three formats because they can adapt to the situation.

England National Cricket Team
England National Cricket Team. Pic Credits: Twitter.

There Needs To Be A Serious Look Into That Separation – Tom Moody

Former Australia all-rounder Tom Moody believes international teams should seriously consider separate players and staff for the different formats.

“I think there is no doubt that moving forward, whether it be player or support management, there needs to be a serious look into that separation. It seems England have quite a considerable difference between their red-ball squad and their white-ball squad. They’ve created a depth of quality,” Tom Moody said.

Tom Moody
Tom Moody (PC-Getty Images)

“With regards to England being the best white-ball team, I’m there with Flem. I don’t think they’re there yet. If they had won in the UAE at the last T20 World Cup, you could base an argument, but they weren’t there in that one. So they’ve missed a World Cup there,” he added.

Moody said that the expectations on the players and team management involved in all formats are huge.

“They’ve missed that sort of dominance of a cycle. The demands on players and people around the team management these days with all the formats are huge and the price of having success is extremely draining. If you are going to be prepared properly, it’s very hard to manage it with three formats,” he concluded.

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