BRB vs AUT Dream11 Baseball Prediction & Team

Welcome to our fantasy sports website. You will be helped to create a baseball team on Dream11. You will get a lot of help in making a good team. But you are requested to join our telegram channel so that in the future there will be any changes related to the team or updates about the match, then you will get information through our telegram. BRB vs AUT Dream11 Baseball Prediction. Australian Baseball League Prediction.

BRB vs AUT Dream11 Baseball Prediction| Baseball Dream11 Preview | UAustralian Baseball League 2022

Match Details:- 

The Australian Baseball League rivalry will return after a year’s absence, with even more games being added to the action-packed 2021/22 schedule. A total of 120 games will be played this season. Brisbane Bandits will face off against Auckland Tuatara. Brisbane’s team defeated Auckland in the last game on 12 November by a huge 11-5 margin.

Venue:– Viticon Stadium

Match Timing:- 9:30 AM IST, 13th November 2022

Weather Report:

According to AccuWeather, there is no chance of rain in this match, the sky will be clear and the game will likely be completed. The temperature should be up to 26 Celsius.

BRB vs AUT Baseball Recent Stats based on 2021-22.

Last Five Recent Game Results:

BRB( Brisbane Bandits) – W L NR NR W

AUT (Auckland Tuatara) –  L W NR NR L


BRB vs AUT Head-to-head Records in the last five games:- 

AUT Won:- 2

BRB Won:- 3

BRB vs AUT Dream11 Baseball News and  Pitchers Stats:

In this series, the starter of any team is declared about 45 minutes before the start of the game, so all of you are requested to know who is the best pitcher for small league and grand league.  And to know this you have to join our Telegram channel.

Starter Pitcher will update you on our telegram channel……

BRB vs AUT Baseball Dream11 Prediction and Players Stats:

An Active squad of Brisbane Bandits :


21 Brannon Jordan P R R
10 Cameron Wagoner P R R
26 Carter Hope P L R
12 Conor Laverty P R R
20 James Meeker P R R
45 Jeremy Atkinson P R R
28 Justin King P L L
7 Logan Trowbridge P R R
24 Max Lazar P R R
11 Mitchell Hughson P R R
31 Parker Harm P L L


9 Darrien Miller C L 186 6′ 0″ Active
8 Jay Myers C R 194 5′ 10″ Active


23 Donald Lutz 1B L R 230 6′ 4″ Active
38 Mitch Nilsson 3B S R 165 5′ 11″ Active
5 Robert Moore 2B S R 170 5′ 9″ Active
30 Rory Spletter IF R R 172 6′ 1″ Active
6 T.J. Bennett 2B L R 215 6′ 3″ Active
15 Tyler Tolbert 2B R R 160 6′ 0″ Active
4 Will Riley IF L R 180 6′ 0″ Active


1 Dai-Kang Yang OF R 185 6′ 0″ Active
2 Daniel Nilsson OF L 185 5′ 10″ Active


An Active Squad of Auckland Tuatara :


22 Ben Thompson P R R 6′ 5″ Active
21 Chase Walter P R R 6′ 7″ Active
49 Chien Yu P R R 5′ 7″ Active
19 Connor Gleeson P R R 6′ 2″ Active
24 Elliot Johnstone P R R 6′ 2″ Active
16 Huei-Sheng Lin P R R 6′ 2″ Active
48 Hung-Yi Huang P R R 6′ 0″ Active
26 Jason Blanchard P R L 6′ 0″ Active
23 Josh Gessner P R R 6′ 1″ Active
39 Oscar Nakaoshi P L L 5′ 11″ Active
55 Toru Murata P L R 6′ 0″ Active
20 Wei-Chun Weng P L R 6′ 1″ Active


30 Robert Emery C R R Active


32 Clayton Campbell IF R R 6′ 0″ Active
34 Jack Barrie 1B R R 6′ 4″ Active
11 Jason Matthews SS R R 6′ 0″ Active
9 Jax Biggers 2B L R 5′ 11″ Active
17 Keyber Rodriguez SS R R 5′ 10″ Active
5 Tzu-Wei Lin 2B L R 5′ 9″ Active
6 Wyatt Hoffman SS R R 5′ 9″ Active


13 Kamu Tsuchida OF R R Active
27 Matt Feinstein OF R R Active
2 Tui Amosa OF L L Active

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Key players and Best for Caption and Voice Caption:

Pitcher position:- The pitcher’s name is not announced in advance in this series, so all of you are requested to join our telegram channel to find out who is the “Best Pitcher” for Small League.

Catcher Position:- Clayton Campbell( 3 hits 1 HR )

Stats & key Players of Brisbane Bandits and Auckland Tuatara ( BRB vs AUT ) 

Top Rosters of Auckland Tuatara:-

Stats based on 2022

  • Keyber Rodriguez – (5 hits, 0 Home Runs, 0 BB, 1 Stolen base 0.429 Batting avengers. ( in the last 3 games of this season )
  • Jason Matthews -( 5 hits, 0 Home Runs, 3 BB, 0 Stolen bases 0.500 Batting avengers. ( in the last 3 games of this season )
  • Tzu-Wei Lin – ( 4 hits, 2 Home Run, 1 BB, 0 Stolen base 0.667 Batting avengers. ( in the last 3 games of this season )
  • Matt Feinstein- ( 4 hits, 1 Home Run, 1 BB, 0 Stolen base 0.333 Batting avengers. ( in the last 2 games of this season)

Top Rosters of  Brisbane Bandits:-

  • Donald Lutz -(he was the highest scorer of his team in previous years with 5 HR & 24 hits)
  • T.J. Bennett- (he was the second-highest scorer of his team in previous years with 2 HR & 22 hits This Season – 3 hits 1 Home Run 2 BB )
  • Robert Moore–  (4 hits, 3 Home Runs, 2 BB, 0 Stolen base 0.449 Batting avengers. ( in the last 2 games of this season)
  • Tyler Tolbert – ( 4hits, 1 Home Run, 3 BB, 1 Stolen base 0.400 Batting avengers. ( in the last 3 games of this season)

BRB vs AUT Baseball Dream11 Baseball Cap & VC in H2H & Small League Contest.

  • For SL H2H & H3H Caption & voice Caption:
  • Robert Moore (C) & Tzu-Wei Lin(VC)
  • For GL & Mini GL Caption & voice Caption:-
  • Donald Lutz
  • Robert Moore
  • Tzu-Wei Lin
  • Keyber Rodriguez
  • Tyler Tolbert

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Disclaimer: This team is based on analysis and prior data and records. so when selecting your team consider the points mentioned and can also make your own decision.

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