10 popular brands endorsed by King Kohli

Indian batting legend in the making, Virat Kohli, is not just a name but a brand. His success on the field has resulted in him minting millions off the field with a variety of brand endorsements. Having the highest number of followers on Instagram in India, Virat was reportedly charging approx. 3 lakh rupees for a single Instagram post. Owing to his charismatic figure, brands have lined up to cast Virat Kohli as their face. Here are the top 10 brands that are endorsed by King Kohli.


Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of PUMA India. PUMA created history by making a gigantic deal of 110 crores with the cricketer in 2017. They even launched a personalized clothing and shoe line under Virat’s name.

2. Myntra

The power couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, together signed a deal with Myntra. The contract was sealed in 2019 for an amount of 10 crore rupees. Both appear in multiple advertisements for the brand.

3. Wrogn

Virat Kohli became the brand ambassador for the clothing brand in 2014. However, over the next year, he bought a major chunk of shares and became the co-owner of the brand. He is seen donning Wrogn clothing on multiple occasions and promotes the brand heavily on various platforms.

4. Manyavar

Virat Kohli was signed by the brand for the men’s clothing, whereas, Anushka Sharma endorsed the female clothing. However, post marriage the couple appeared in Manyavar’s wedding collection advertisement. The ads were nicely set up around the couple to highlight their chemistry.

5. MRF Tyres

MRF initially signed Virat Kohli as their brand face. Later, they negotiated a 100-crore deal as Kohli’s official bat sponsors.

6. Philips

Philips India entered into a contract with Virat Kohli in 2018. He endorses male grooming products manufactured by the brand. Ever since Virat Kohli appeared as a face, the brand saw a huge jump in sales and profits.

7. Too Yumm

Virat Kohli signed with a lot of brands in 2018. Food brand Too Yumm was one of them. The reason behind signing Virat was that the brand produced baked packaged food and wanted to promote it as a healthy alternative. Hence, Kohli was called on board, and the brand was an instant hit. He appeared in multiple TV commercials and also on the packaging.

8. Uber 

Uber was associated with Virat Kohli in 2018. An online taxi booking platform signed Kohli as their brand ambassador. He is also very much involved in its marketing strategies.

9. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Virat Kohli partnered with the online gaming platform MPL in 2019. Later, he became an investor in the company. Recently, a controversy erupted after MPL became the official kit sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team. Many raised questions regarding an alleged conflict of interest on Virat’s behalf. 

10. Vicks

Vicks, a petroleum jelly product to cure cold and cough, signed Virat as their brand ambassador back in 2012. Ever since Kohli made an appearance in multiple creative TV ad commercials.

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