India – T20 World Cup 2022

Virat Kohli has reported an alleged breach of privacy in his hotel room in Perth, where India played their men’s T20 World Cup Super 12s match against South Africa on Sunday. Kohli posted a video on his Instagram page, which was originally posted on TikTok by an unidentified user with a caption that said “King Kohli’s hotel room”. It scanned through the room where Kohli was staying.

ESPNcricinfo has contacted the hotel, Crown Towers in Perth, for a comment.

“I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favourite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that,” Kohli wrote under the post. “But this video here is appalling and it’s made me feel very paranoid about my privacy. If I cannot have privacy in my own hotel room, then where can I really expect any personal space at all?? I’m NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and not treat them as a commodity for entertainment.”

Among people to respond to Kohli’s post was David Warner, who responded, tagging the hotel, “This is ridiculous, totally unacceptable.”

ESPNcricinfo understands the Indian team hasn’t raised the issue with the ICC or Cricket Australia, but they did bring it up with the hotel, which has promised to look into the matter. At the time of writing, India were on their way to Adelaide, where they will play Bangladesh on Wednesday.

Ironically, Kohli has said in the past that he finds more privacy and personal space when he is away from India, that the players can walk on the streets without getting mobbed by fans, as would be the case in India.

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